Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world and now is the time to shape our new 'normal'. What 2020 has showed us, on a global level, was the strength of human connection and community. Would you give an hour of your time to do someone a favour? Imagine if we were all willing to do just that, could we change humanity one good deed at a time?

The Favours app connects people all over the world to be able to help each other, a tool that allows us to provide an act of kindness for a stranger.

  • Sign up if you are willing to help someone out.
  • State your skills and other 'Favours' you'd be able to do for those local or online.
  • When asked if you could spare some time to help, say yes.
  • These favours are an act of kindness based purely on time given to another

Let's collectively make kindness the future. We already do it for our loved ones, why not extend it out to the world.