Terms and Conditions

General terms of service:

These terms govern your use of Favours and the features, services, technologies and software that is offered.

Our services:

Our mission is to build a network and connect people to do good deeds for each other, in other words a favour based purely on time, as we do daily with our friends and family.

This app is based solely on giving time. Material costs and any costs are not within the remit of this app and where relevant should be discussed and agreed between both parties outside of the scope of Favours.

There is no monetary value based on time given by the users of this app. Time rates charged on an every day commercial/business sense hold no relevance when using this app.

This app is to be used on a personal level to do a good deed for others if your skills match up to a requirement. It should not be used for commercial/business activity.

We do not verify user’s information such as qualifications, reviews, etc. We only provide a platform to connect. Due diligence on each possible user interaction is the responsibility of everyone individually.

We highlight a time threshold whereby if time received exceeds more than 4 hours of time given it will be visible to all users signed up to the app via your profile page.

We provide a personalised experience for you via the content in your home page. We use data collected based on searches, interests listed, and skills received. This helps you find and connect with people.

One of our main priorities as part of this service is the safety of people. We have dedicated resources to monitor and detect misuse of the app, harmful conduct towards others and situations where we may be able to help or support or protect the community. If we learn of conduct or behaviours like this we will take appropriate action such as removing content, blocking features, disabling accounts or contacting law enforcements. We will share data with relevant parties where necessary if we detect misuse of harmful conduct from a user of our app.

We will engage in research and collaborate with people using the app and others to improve the service by analysing data collected.